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Shopify's app for entrepreneurs

Small and large business owners around the world use this e-commerce platform, offering tons of possibilities and adapting to their needs. The popularity of this tool is not accidental, because it is intuitive to use and is a modern solution for any company that offers online sales of products and services. At the same time, you don't have to be a specialist to be able to manage it freely. See what are the benefits of launching a store thanks to the application.

Everyone is welcome at Shopify

Shopify is a solution for the entire marketing industry. Any business owner can set up a website with this application; the platform can be configured for any services. Online stores, the beauty sector, gastronomy - these are just a few examples where entrepreneurs use this functional application. Regardless of what type of sale you conduct, direct or dropshipping, in each case, you will make the most of the possibilities offered by the Shopify store. The provider offers a two-week free trial period and these two weeks are enough to find out about its advantages, and then decide whether to use it.

What are the main advantages of this app?

Shopify operates in the Software-as-a-Service model, SaaS for short. To put it simply - you buy an annual or monthly subscription and use the platform as part of it. The package includes, among others:

  • hosting
  • page upgrade
  • SSL certificate
  • basket safety certificate
  • 24/7 access to the Shopify Help Center

You manage your website by freely adding and removing products from it. Even under heavy load, it works flawlessly. The system uptime factor is 99.99%, which means that your customers will not encounter a situation in which the website does not load. Thanks to this, you will avoid sales losses and your offer will always be available to visitors. Templates are adapted to mobile devices, and the open API allows you to build new applications and use ready-made ones. Shopify Apps gives you the ability to conveniently manage the store also via a smartphone.

Shopify App Store - dozens of amenities to increase sales

The Shopify application is constantly evolving, introducing more and more new extensions, useful in the development of the company, and above all in reaching new customers and keeping them for longer. Live Chat, M-commerce and UX Research are the first plugins you will install on your website. Skillful selection and use of the solutions offered in your Shopify store will result in a steady increase in sales bars in your store. Customers will be more likely to visit his website knowing that they can easily shop on it, contact you, and receive help if necessary. Add to that agile marketing, in the form of content optimization for SEO, social media activities and others, and you will see how easy it is to run a profitable online store.

Integrating your website with Shopify

Whether you're just starting your online store or other business, or you've been in business for years, you can choose Shopify at any time. Changing the platform can be a big challenge, so if you want the entire project to run smoothly, use the help of specialists. We have been specializing in the migration of e-commerce websites for years. We analyze the needs and expectations of customers, and then integrate the store engine with the Shopify platform in the shortest possible time. We also want you to start using a modern tool as soon as possible, thanks to which you will effectively develop your business, appear in the awareness of a wider audience and thus gain new customers.


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