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Rating Captain from Wrocław will clean up the opinions about your company

Rating Captain from Wrocław will clean up the opinions about your company

Katarzyna Chomąt
09/06/2021 | 3 min read

The business model of each company should assume taking care of its image on the Internet, regardless of the goals, stage of development or the number of customers. When offering a product or service, it is worth taking care of consumer opinions. Unfortunately, satisfied customers are often not willing to leave ratings and comments on opinion-forming portals. Usually they need additional motivation in the form of a reminder about this possibility. That's why Yax Interactive decided to revolutionize the opinion management market and created a tool for obtaining customer reviews. This is how the Rating Captain startup was created.

Rating Captain - feedback management application

A small number of positive ratings and comments on opinion-forming websites is associated with the risk that a potential customer will choose the competition. That is why it is so important to constantly obtain new recommendations from clients, as well as mediate with dissatisfied buyers. In this way, the company is not only able to stay ahead of the competition, but also gain loyal customers. The Rating Captain application, in addition to sending invitations to issue opinions via e-mail and SMS, provides users with, among others, advanced statistics panel, opinion audit and weekly reports.

A very valuable functionality is that the application suggests areas of customer service that require improvement in order to increase satisfaction. The tool analyzes the sentiment of customers' statements and determines the degree of their (dissatisfaction), which significantly speeds up communication with buyers, and also allows for a quick analysis of possible problems in the purchasing process or in customer service. The Captain's rating also encourages entrepreneurs to brag about their results, using widgets that can be easily implemented on a website or in an online store.

Startup Rating Captain is support for companies in the field of reputation management

Rating Captain helps companies automate customer service for negative feedback using predictive analytics powered by Big Data and Machine Learning. Such an innovative tool and business passion aroused the interest of the fund, which invested in the project, donating one million zlotys for its implementation. Thanks to this, the startup began cooperation with experts from the SWPS University in the field of social psychology and communication processes, as well as with scientists from the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Wrocław in the field of Machine Learning and Big Data.

The application is constantly developing, and the investor himself claims that it is a business with aspirations for international success. This is also evidenced by the opinions of customers using the tool. Constant new products mean that more and more investors and, of course, customers are interested in the startup. Recently, the ReviewsAudit platform was also created, which creates an opinion audit on all platforms on which a given company is present.

This is certainly not the end of the innovations implemented by the startup. New ideas appear in the minds of its founders and all employees, so you will hear about the revolutionary application more than once.

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