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How to start an IT project? 5 rules of cooperation with a software house

How to start an IT project? 5 rules of cooperation with a software house

Hanna Bernikova
09/06/2021 | 4 min read

The IT industry is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing elements of the modern world, opening up new opportunities for technological progress and high earnings. IT is closely related to e-commerce, providing Internet businesses with appropriate dedicated web software, mobile applications, etc.

At the beginning of 2021, the CEIDG company database included over 3 million entities, most of which during the COVID-19 pandemic began the process of transferring their business to the online world and looking for new technological solutions. Software development is done by outsourcing IT companies, in other words - software houses where really talented programmers work. Check how to effectively prepare your business project for cooperation with a software house!

What exactly is a software house?

According to Wikipedia, a software house is a company that programs IT projects and, above all, analyzes the client's business processes, creates specialized functionalities, tests the application and its integration with other systems. Companies in this industry create dedicated applications and software on request *.

Managing the process of creating an IT project

Although the threshold for entering the IT market is quite low, the steps to success in this industry turn out to be difficult and multi-step. A comprehensive solution to this problem will require full concentration of efforts, perseverance and leadership skills from the founders. There are 5 main stages of starting a programming project, through which you will be successful and create a successful enterprise in the IT industry.


The first and one of the main steps will be market research, namely collecting basic information about the behavior of potential customers in your industry, the demand for products similar to yours and a deep analysis of the competition.

Detailed planning

A plan is an indispensable tool to organize your company's activities. At this stage, it is worth considering the entire process of creating a project and implementing it. Therefore, first set the goal of the project, its functionality and budget. Don't forget to plan the most important dates, e.g. ending application development, publishing a website publicly, etc.

Document the idea

"Impossible" - this is how you can say about the huge amount of accumulated information from the previous stages. In order not to lose an important idea and meaningful information, it is worth using a tip from a given stage - the technical specification. A technical specification is a document that sets technical requirements that a product, process or service should meet. It is better to document and store all the issues discussed earlier, both in the electronic and in the printed version. Thanks to the documentation, everyone can be sure that they will not lose any of the inherent parts of the project.

Selection of specialists

Depending on the project, it is worth checking, as mentioned above, the appropriate team of specialists who could implement your idea. In the case of IT design, there are 2 types of companies with a similar effect: software houses and interactive agencies. Both companies create individual solutions, e.g. applications or websites. However, there is a fine line between these concepts. Software houses, unlike interactive agencies, deal with more complex projects using programming skills. Rather, interactive agencies help companies to conduct online marketing activities.

Technology stack

An integral part of designing an idea is choosing the right technology that you would like to use in your project. If you don't know anything about it, specialists who should be hired a step earlier will help you. Remember to choose your technology stack according to your goals so that it can achieve them. Be based on the type of your project, because depending on whether it's a simple web application or a complex embedded system, the technology stack will vary.


An IT project needs a lot of will and commitment from its founder. When designing a venture, an entrepreneur must follow the above guidelines if he wants to effectively fight his competitors and give a strong start to his idea.

* https: //


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